We are fundraising!

Help us to bring home to Retford a collection of rare photographic slides

We are aiming to raise £2000 to acquire for the museum a collection of over 100 photographic slides by Stephen F. Pegler of Amcott House, Retford (1852-1937). Mr Pegler was a Retford Mayor, Alderman and a director of the Northern Rubber Co., but above all he was a very skilled photographer.

Why are the slides so unique? Pegler’s fabulous images are early colour photographs on glass (autochromes). They show beautiful still lifes, places such as Retford, Clumber and Rufford, and an array of local people – gentry, town officials, servants and many others. What makes the slides even more exciting, is the fact that most of them are stereoscopic and can be viewed in 3D with the aid of a special viewer!

We appreciate all donations and have prepared rewards for contributions of £10 or more. Here’s what you can receive:

£10 – sponsorship certificate and ‘Bassetlaw Guide’

£20 – sponsorship certificate, ‘Bassetlaw Guide’ – scanned copy of an autochrome that you ‘adopted’ for the museum collection. You can ‘adopt’ as many autochromes as you like.

£200 or more – sponsorship certificate, ‘Bassetlaw Guide’ – scanned copies of 10 ‘adopted’ autochromes – opportunity to get close and personal with the collection highlights for you and your guest! You will be joined by the Museum Curator.

If you wish to donate, please contact the museum Bassetlaw Museum, Amcott House, 40 Grove Street, DN22 6LD bassetlaw.museum@bassetlaw.gov.uk, 01777 713 749

Thank you for your support.



Dernie's shop, Retford, 15.3.1926

Dernie’s shop, Retford, 15.3.1926

Red Cross Nurses, World War I period

Red Cross Nurses, World War I period